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I design and sell graphic t-shirts (and tanks, long sleeves, sweatshirts, youth clothing, and so on)! Most of what I do is created for my benefit and then shared with the world, for their buying pleasure! However, I do also do custom design work - family vacation shirts, mission trip money raising shirts, logos, websites, banners, promotional products, hats, blankets, flyers, and so on.



Blogger. Vlogger.

We are far from qualified to tell anyone what to do but we want to share our experiences - good bad and ugly! And who knows, maybe something we share will be beneficial to someone else!

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Brady and I both really enjoy dabbling in photography and videography! I have done some for friends but thats about it. We are also "tracking" our life on YouTube via vlogging, tutorials, what we are up to, and so on! It is a great place to see us in action.

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Since 2014

Carlie J Design

Vision. Showing beauty. Inspiring imagination. Sharing passion. Experiencing culture. Creating art that invokes feeling and is not just visually appealing.

Experience. It isn’t just skills that will get me places. I am constantly trying to perfect what I have learned and expand that knowledge further. A few experiences I have learned from: art gallery display, designing and creating a real-sized teepee, working for a t-shirt printing company, working with the professors of an art department, moving and living in a new country on my own, starting my own business.

Philosophy. I can always improve and that is what I strive to do - learn something new, achieve a new goal. I never want to become stagnant or obsolete. 

Uniqueness. I aim to create art that means something - shares something with the world. It isn’t enough to just be talented.

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