Upcoming Events

September 6th-9th | An Affair of the Heart | Springfield, MO | Ozark Empire Fairgrounds

September 6th-9th | Wizard World Comic Con | Tulsa, OK | Cox Business Center

September 14th-15th | Pinners | Arlington, TX | Arlington Convention Center

October 19th-21st | An Affair of the Heart | Oklahoma City, OK | Cenntinial Building, State Fairgrounds


Carlie J Design Rep Search #CJDfall2018rep

I am doing my very first rep search! Looking for anyone 18+ (younger only with parental consent)! This is for the fall term (August through the end of 2018). T-shirt size small through xxlarge because that is what I consistently stock.

Please create a “look book” of at least four images that show off your photography skills, posing abilities, and your style. Also let me know what some of your favourite graphic tees are (nature inspired, nerdy, trendy, whimsical, text, images, seasonal, etc)! Please use the hashtag #CJDfall2018rep

I will be looking for people to share on their personal Instagrams as well as email me the unedited photos so I can share on my Instagram (I will give you credit and tag to your Instagram account – I may also share the photos on my Facebook business page, Etsy, and my website).

You will receive:

  • 30% off + free shipping
  • a personal code to share with others for 10% off (codes will be good on Etsy and my website)
  • Make 5% back from anyone who uses your personal code (this can go towards store credit or cash through PayPal and will be added/figured at the end of each month)
  • free merchandise – could be because you are doing a really good job, or just to say thanks, or because I just want to share one of my favourite products with you

I would prefer you actually like my products and want to buy them but you are only required to buy 1 item (you wouldn’t have anything to photograph if you didn’t at least buy one). Once you have bought your one required item you will receive your personal 10% off code.

Again, I would hope that you like my products enough to buy more than just the one.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag and make sure your account isn’t private! This search will be through the end of August 2018!

Being Honest/Disclaimers: If you just buy one shirt and never share your personal discount code so no one ever uses it and you only send me one photo all semester…then it is unlikely you are going to get any free merchandise. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. If the photos you post and share with me are inappropriate, in any way, then I will remove all of your discount codes, you will not receive 5% from whatever has sold up to that point, no exceptions, no warnings. We are positive, encouraging, we share love not hate, and photos must be appropriate for all eyes!


Possible Events (unconfirmed)

September 1st-3rd | Praire Grove Clothesline | Praire Grove, AR | Praire Grove Battlefield Park

September 27th-30th | Fin & Feather Festival | Gore, OK | Fin & Feather Resort

October 12th-14th | Bush Creek | Tulsa, OK

October 26th | OSU Walkaround | Stillwater, OK | Theta House

November 16th-18th | An Affair of the Heart | Tulsa, OK | Expo Center

If you have an event you would like me to be a part of or you have heard of/enjoy going to a particular event that I don’t have listed then please contact me and I will look into attending!


Previous Events of 2018

February | An Affair of the Heart | Oklahoma City, OK

March | Touch of Rust | Chickasha, OK

May | Rooster Days | Broken Arrow, OK

May | Blue Dome Arts Festival | Tulsa, OK

July | An Affair of the Heart | Tulsa, OK | Expo Center

August | 2 Hip Chicks Roadshow | Claremore, OK | Expo Center